Client Testimonials About Our Manila, Philippines Dentists

Bill Werdmuller & Glenn Fergurson

Hi Dr Garcia,

Just thought I'd let you know my teeth are fine and all is going well. I have recommended your clinic to a large number of people who are impressed with the work you have done for myself and Glen, There will be many more customers heading your way, including my brother who will be in touch soon. I am in Victoria at the moment, one of Australia's southern states, and have given your details to more of my compatriots, many of who will also be in touch with you soon. Hope all is going well for you both and hope your business is booming. I've attached a few recent photos of Glen and myself, one of which should give you a chuckle! Take care and say hello to your staff for us,

Best regards,
Bill Werdmuller

Mark Pickett

I have had problems with my teeth for as long as I can remember. The cost of dental work in the states made it impossible for me to take care of all my dental problems. I heard that dental procedures can be done in the Philippines for a fraction of what it would cost in the states, so I did some research. After contacting several clinics in the Philippines, I stumbled upon the Sacred Heart Clinic. I found them to be the most professional and affordable clinic of them all. Dr. Garcia and his staff evaluated my situation and came up with the right solution for me. The cost fit my budget and the quality canno't be surpassed. I can now smile, something I did not do much before. I even quit smoking and biting my nails. I have to say it was a life changing experience. I highly recomend the Sacred Heart Clinic to anyone needing dental work done.

Terry Harrington

Dr. Garcia

I would like to commend you and your fine staff for the wonderful cosmetic work that I recently had done at your establishment. I will definitely use your services in the immediate future and will recommend to my colleagues to do the same.

Ingat ka at salamat.

Frank and Carol Poole

Hello Dr Garcia and team

Well it is quite a few weeks since my wife Carol and I have had our teeth done, and it has proved to be a real success I love my smile and feel so much more confident talking to people.

Eating is not a problem anymore my new teeth feel part of me, and I can eat any food with confidence.

Once I brushed any excess cement away approximately 3 weeks I have had no problems with my implants or any other part of my teeth.

I found your dental surgery very clean tidy and professional and was most impressed by the organization of being picked up from the airport delivered to my hotel and picked up every day for dental care and the fact that my wife and I were treated like family my wife being escorted shopping and genuinely cared for the whole time, something you would never see in Australia, our dentists are far to greedy for money and don’t want to know you once you have paid, they could learn a lot from you people, not to mention the large amount of work you people did was a fraction of the price it would cost me Australia so thanks very much for everything take care and hopefully I will see you next year for a check up.

Cheers Frank and Carol Poole

Ps I have passed your details on to a lot of people over here so hopefully you here from some of them

Michael Chaisson

Choosing Sacred Heart Dental Clinic for my dental care was the best decision I could have chosen. They were able to provide me with a total cost and a plan to do quality work in the best time frame possible to insure a fast recovery. They solved all of my dental needs in one visit and were available after surgery to make sure I had answers and the medications I needed. I would highly recommend them."

Charisma Manacsa

Dear Dr. Garcias and staff,

Hi everyone! Im sorry It took me awhile to send an email to you all. I had to catch up on things as soon as I arrive and Ive been travelling within the states as well. You are always in my thoughts, and I just didnt get a chance to sit down and write.

Anyway, I hope that everybody's doing great and that business is not at all affected by the "recession" in the states. I have been bragging about the services that I received there and all of my family and friends really loved my smile now! How exciting! A lot of filipinos here didnt know that dental tourism existed and I was very enthusiastic to share my experiences to them.

As far as my teeth is concerned, Im glad that I have adjusted to the bridges, and the pain already went away. (thank God for that) I have also no regrets in my porcelain crowns in the front for they really look and feel real. Dr. Garcia, You Rock!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!I also love the artistic input that you did with my crown, fabricating it to look like Katherine Heigl's teeth is a work of a genius. Though not perfect but close. Love it! And Not only that you are all very competent and talented, but you understood my needs and wants and respected the decisions I made and most of all I thank you for your very long string of patience with me and for just taking care of me. For all these I am very grateful. Thank you.

Also, Im referring a friend of mine from Florida who needs immediate attention and treatment. I just talked to her today and it seems that her bridge of 10 yrs needs replacement because she said that it smells and i think puss is coming out of it. Her dentist told her that it cant wait long because it is infected. She might need an implant to anchor the bridge to or something. I convinced her to go to you and shes working on getting her xrays faxed to you as we speak. She is very hesitant to do this because shes afraid shes going to lose her job when she comes back but I know that youll work with her as quickly as you can. She should be emailing you soon. Her name is Carol Owens. Im helping her to get a flight as soon as possible. Im hoping that you can accommodate her just like you did with me. She's a good friend of mine too. Please help her. Thanks Doc!

Anthony Pappalardo


Thank you for your reply. I am very well Teeth still took some time to settle down, however all now is good. I am more than happy with the outcome. I have received positive remarks from associates at work.

Danny Aguilar
United States of America

Hi Dr. Garcia,

I just want to thank you for your excellent service on my teeth. Your team did a wonderful job.

Rosemary Murdock

Hi to everyone at the clinic. Our dental work is very good, no problems, we have all settled back into our family lives here in Darwin - we are coming into the best part of the year - the dry, however, it is still very hot. Graham and Eileen send their best wishes and have been busy showing off their teeth! Graham came out with some of our friends last night and he had all the women around him.

Here is a photo of my family at a picnic for mother's day. Is this the best email address to give interested people? Tell Michael that we will look after him when he comes to Australia.

Thank you
Rosemary Murdock

Alexander Kleyman

When I decided it's time to fix my teeth realised that Sydney is extremely expensive place. So I 've looked to go some where else. I came a cross Sacred Heart Dental Clinic website. Presentation was grate and prices where very reasonable. I wasn't sure if it's good idea go all the way to Manila to visit dentins, but i did any way. It was best decision. I had week in Manila. In three visits all finished. Dr.Alex Garcia and the team were looking after me and did excellent job. I'm very pleased with result and now I have teeth like a movie star!!

Thanks a lot!

Greg Berry

Dear Alex,

I have now arrived back in Australia, and wanted to let you know how delighted I was with my trip to the Philippines.

At first I was reluctant to consider travelling to your country for a holiday let alone dental surgery, having heard many stories about difficulties tourists found themselves in. I would like to express how happy I was with my entire trip, not only as a holiday destination, but also with the service and special attention I received from your surgery.

Previously I was reluctant to even smile. Now as a result of your excellent work in doing so promotes a new found confidence, and a living advertisement for your quality work.

My advice to anyone, considering an overseas holiday and in need of any dental work should certainly contact you first. I must comment that I found the people of your country most pleasant and friendly, and would recommend that anyone considering overseas travel should experience your culture.

Race Olson

Dear Dr. Alexander Garcia

The new teeth are great, I want to thank you for the great job you and your team did. You can use me for a referral anytime, and give out my email to new customer if you like. I will tell them how good you are! I am vary happy with my new look. I smile now, I didn't before. It change my life more then I thought it would. Was I one of your hardest cases? Can you email me my before and after pictures, people don't believe me when I tell them I had no teeth. Please thank you team for me too.

Leonardo Agra

Hi Dr. Garcia,

My husband leo advised he love his brand new set of teeth and was satisfied with the procedure.

The welcoming atmosphere in your clinic has helped a lot as well so he contines to be enthusiastic about the procedure.

I will be doing mine sometime in Feb 2010 next year during my schedule holiday.

Best regards, Teresa - USA

Nigel Clark

Hi there.

Dr. Alexander Eduardo Garcia is a fantastic man, who works with a very dedicated team, including his wife and younger brother.

His work on my mouth which has been viewed by my dentists in Hong Kong and Australia, has been applauded.

Bob @ Becky have seen the result.

We were able to do this by emails and digital photographs.

Yes, I was scared when I sat in the chair, but there was no need to be. No pain either.

Eduardo please send your full details to Angus.

Payment was in USD, by cash or internet transfer.

Angus, you will be pleased with the result.

Kind Regards,
Nigel Clark

Nieva Torii

Thank you vey much for my new teeth :-). I can smile as wide as I can and most importantly, I could chew on both sides now, yeay!!! Of course, a big thank you. Both of you are gifted and this should be spread out to many people.

Have a good week,

Howard Wenham






Ray Moody

Hello Dr Garcia - back home in Australia safely. I want to thank you so much for the excellent dental work you performed. To me having all my teeth capped was going to be a mammoth procedure and I obviously was concerned with the outcome. But I am extremely happy with the work and the time frame it took. I would thoroughly recommend Sacred Heart Dental clinic for its excellent dental work, its very up to date procedures and the fantastic understanding of clients needs during the surgery. The quality of work is as good as you would get here in Australia but at a much better price. My teeth look very natural and most importantly my wife thinks they look great. Once again thank you very much.

Kind regards, Ray
P.S could you please email photos of before, during and after.

Hernando Bacosa

Dear Dr. Garcia,

Hope you are at your best.

I am back here in Japan. I would like to thank you for you fast, quality and very professional dental service. As you know before, I was very skeptic to undergo orthodontic treatment for such a very short period of time because Ive heard that It is too painful. I was indeed surprised that everything was finished in three days perfectly. Indeed impressive!

I don't experience pain and problems as of now. It seems like normal when I talk and bite.

I 'll be sending you pictures a month from now to show the progress and improvement of the treatment.

Please extend my regards to everyone.


Ronnie & Mitch Kotaschuk

Hi Alexander,

Thanks so much for your diligence and professional service. We were quite impressed and have started to share with family and friends about our visit.

Mitch & Ronnie

Tracey & Debbie

Hi Alex,

Well i have had my first christmas with my wonderful new smile, you have done a great job!! When me and Debbie first decided to come over to the phillipines to get our teeth sorted out i must admit we were a bit worried but that soon went when we met you and your staff. What lovely people who put us at ease and demonstrated such professionalism, i am terrified of the dentist and i still cant believe all the work i had done in your clinic, but it was such a calm and relaxing clinic. The Kabayan Hotel was nice and the staff couldnt do enough for us, they were wonderful. We all really enjoyed our visit to the phillipines and we will return, the shopping at makati was fab, and we met some great people. I would definitely recommend your clinic to my friends, we will come and visit you when we fly out next year.

Take Care

Tracey and Debbie x
United Kingdom

Pamela Easter & Karen Glanfield

Hello to all your staff, just a quick email to advise that Karen and myself arrived home safely from Manila and we are both very happy with the dental work that your staff performed during our visit. We were both very impressed with your professionalism, standard of dental work performed and friendliness of all your staff. We would certainly recommend the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic to our friends and my colleagues. I have already passed on a business card to a resident Filipino lady here in Australia who will be travelling to Manila in the near future.Once again many thanks for taking such good care of us – see you next visit – Pamela Easter & Karen Glanfield

Zaney Porter

Hello Dr Garcia and All @ the Clinic....Hoping that you are all well...I am glad to be back home...and have started back @ work today or really its night duty its now 0430 Thursday morning...well my family love my teeth and I have been getting use to practising my smiles.

All my extended family are amazed and my friends etc think I look great...which is wonderful husband keeps saying that the trip was truly worth it...and I have been telling him we should go back together next year to do his teeth to...I have been talking to everyone about my fact my daughter has told me I talk to much about it...I told them they all need to get their teeth whitened to match with mine...haha....also some friends have enquired about your clinic and I will be passing them all the info that they need even here @ work they are wanting to know about it.... so I will be singing your praises....thanks once again for a fantastic job well done and giving me the smile that I had always longed for...just to be able to talk to people without having to worry that they can see I had no back teeth....I was on a mission when I came to you guys...I wanted the tooth the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth...thanks again...yours truly happy to have anyone that enquires referred to my email...bye for now...will keep in for the late reply but my husband and I went a away for a few days when I got back to Sydney...a big hello to everyone

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