Client Testimonials about our Manila, Philippines Dentists

To Dr Alex and his team (they are a team)

It’s quite a step taking off to the Philippines on your own for extensive dental work. I was relying on google and email correspondence with a dentist I had not met, in a country I had never visited to a dental practice for which I had no personal recommendation.

A phone conversation with Dr Alex provided some comfort.,p/>

Landing in a steamy Manila evening I was greeted by nobody. I waited as directed outside the airport under the initial “R” for about half an hour - I had lots of offers of transport. Finally a tap on the shoulder by a fellow with my name on a sheet of A4. Phew!

The Traffic (a constant topic of conversation during my stay) was particularly bad that Friday night and yes it took almost 3 hours from airport to hotel. The hotel was great, clean, the aircon appreciated, the staff friendly and the TV good (HBO). Next morning pick up with another SHDC client and off to Morning Breeze.

,p>A warm professional welcome greeted me at SHDC. The staff quickly x-rayed and assessed my situation. Within an hour they had explained to me my options, their cost and implications. They gave me time to think about my decision and answered all my questions. I have never had a better experience at a dentist. I made my decision - they bought me lunch (a burger!)

Once the decision was made they got straight into it. Fast, precise, professional and with an appreciated sense of humor – these guys are good. Two visits approximately 8-9 hours in total and I have teeth that now work and look great – I’m smiling a lot more. See the pix.

It’s been almost 2 months since my visit to Sacred Heart Dental Clinic. I had 4 mini implants, a bridge and crowns all around. Dr Alex, his daughter and staff are tops (this includes the drivers and office staff) their work is excellent and is highly recommended.

David Ramsay

Canberra, Australia.

Hi Dr. Garcia,

The Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

Very clean and comfortable and what you would expect compared to any private practice in the UK or USA. A quiet and peaceful atmosphere with a comfortable waiting area where you can relax before your treatment.

The Staff

One reason why I love the Philippines - Very friendly staff that will always say hello and ask how you are, offer you a drink, get to know you. Respectful and always smiling, and very professional. They understand what is expected from somebody from a western country.

Why I Choose the Philippines,p/>

I lived in Manila for a few months before revisiting for my treatment. The Philippines is very westernised in areas with some places feeling very much like the USA. I had visited hospitals there during my previous trip and knew the clinics would be up to scratch. Having the same expertly performed treatments at a fraction of the price compared to the UK or USA was very appealing, and the fact that everybody speaks English is very reassuring.

Why I Choose Sacred Heart Clinic

I looked online and did my research and also spoke to friends from Manila. Prices do vary from clinic to clinic but Sacred Heart seemed to be reasonable and tick other boxes, the main one being good testimonials! (Hence me writing this comprehensive one!) They have more than one clinic (another plus point) and the one I visited was in Quezon City, an area I knew well from my time in Manila previously. It’s close to the SM EDSA Mall which gives US malls a run for their money if you want to shop after your treatment.

Communication from Dr Alex was thorough (from start to finish and even afterwards), and he always replied in a timely manner. I relayed what my UK dentist had advised treatment wise and Dr Alex quoted me the price; they were no additional fees at the end and anything I paid in cash I was given 5% off. Dr Alex was very understanding about my budget and after analysing my impressions and realising a little more work was required he worked with me to make it fit within my budget. Something I believe no other clinic would do, not in the UK anyway that’s for sure! Again, can’t stress enough, very understanding, compromising and honourable.

My Procedure Experience

DAY 1 - I wanted all porcelain crowns on several of my top front teeth; after losing one tooth when I was 14 and having a bridge fitted only on one side (from a UK NHS dentist) my top teeth all shifted, with the front two no longer being flush. My teeth were first cleaned (scale and polish) and thoroughly, again have to say better than UK. Impressions were taken and I discussed with one of the dentists what I wanted and she also gave me her opinion. Something else I had noticed was that one of my bottom front teeth had started to shift over the years from a wisdom tooth coming through and not being extracted. It was decided some of the bottom teeth would be crowned also. I was at the clinic for only a couple of hours.

DAY 2 - I looked at the impressions that were created and discussed further with the dentist who was doing my procedure the current problems with my teeth and what the crowns would fix. I’m not one for needing to know all the details but she explained everything well and any questions I did have were answered thoroughly which was very reassuring. They removed material away from my teeth that were to be crowned in one day! That’s not to say the procedure was rushed, they took their time. They numbed my gums before administering even the local anaesthetic! Again not like in the UK where you just have to deal with the discomfort of a needle and feel the fluid go in! So I really felt no pain, none! They took new impressions and temporary crowns were fitted. Even the temporaries looked a lot better than what I had. I then choose the colour of my new crowns to be made (3 shades lighter). I was in the chair for quite a few hours, but comfortable for the whole time. I was given pain killers and antibiotics in case I needed them. I only took a couple of painkillers on the eve as the anaesthetic wore off my teeth were a little sensitive.

DAY 3 - I arrived at 2pm and my permanent crowns were made ready for me. The temporary crowns were taken off and new ones put on to visualise how my new smile would look. It was decided to alter the length of my crowns slightly on the top and bottom. This was done within the hour and then we had another look. Viola! Looked great! My teeth were then prepared for the permanent fixings. I did feel some sensitivity here but as soon as the permanent ones were on and my natural teeth were sealed the discomfort subsided very quickly. A little bit of flossing and cleaning of excess cement and the procedure was complete. I was given some goodies to help take care of my new teeth and we talked for a while about post treatment care. I was out of the clinic by 4:30pm.


The Sequoia Hotel is great; as always with the Philippines, very friendly and respectful staff. The rooms are immaculate with good AC, cable and internet access. Room service is offered also. The free breakfast is great, plenty of options and really good food.


Airport pickup was on time even during the early hours of the morning. In fact all pickups to the clinic and back to the hotel were on time. The drivers are very safe and friendly and patient.

My Gratitude

To everyone who helped make my treatment possible I would like to extend my sincerest thanks! I am absolutely delighted with my new crowns and my new smile! They look great, they feel great in my mouth, I can eat fine and can brush and clean just like my normal teeth – so, so happy! I know you all worked very hard and were very patient in making sure I was happy with the procedure and the price. I wish all your staff the very best of success in future in their dentistry careers and in their lives. I cannot express enough how grateful I am and should I return to Philippines I will drop by to say hello and see how you all are doing.

Kindest, kindest regards, Anthony

Hello Dr Garcia,

From: Julie Hay

City, Country: Nelson, New Zealand.

Telephone: 03 5443227

Subject: THANK YOU :-)

Message: Hello Dr Garcia and all the Team,

I am sorry it has taken so long to write back. I have thought of you all often. Especially too since the Typhoon and prayed you and your families were all OK.

Yes my teeth are good. They have settled well and I have no aches or pains. Yes I have been cleaning them diligently. You\'ll be pleased .. I bought a water pik. (I wish I had bought one from you now, they are $250.00 here.) My new teeth look and feel great and I have received many lovely comments on them. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Julie Hay Nelson NZ.

From Adreas - Australia,

Of course,.. because I have full confidence in you, since you did my teeth-Implants. Until now I had no problems, in fact, that teeth make me look younger and has given me a lot of confidence, with age 67 (my wife 38) 4 years after that surgery, I can smile and feel really good again.

regards to all

Hi Doctor Alex,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for the great work you and your staff did for me on my recent visit. I was particularly impressed with Dr Patricia who’s gentle professionalism, caring and attention to detail is a huge credit to your clinic. I was so well cared for and looked after by all your staff I can only express my deepest gratitude to all of you and to say that I will be highly recommending others attend your clinic to experience the unparalleled level of care and professionalism you all so expertly show.

Kindest Regards,
Chris Hubble

From: Leonard Puncochar

Orchard WA USA

Message: Hello Dr Garcia,

I seen your invitation about that Linked In and I am not sure if I am a member anymore. It seems I have always had an access problem for that.

Anyhow thanks and have a Nice Easter Season. I never forget the work that you have done for me. I will be back in the Philippines in SEP this year.

Again Thanks and Regards to you and you staff.

Hi Dr Alex,

I would like to add this testimonial from me for your website.

I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional, caring and understanding service that you recently provided to me for my dental procedure. Sacred Heart has the most dedicated staff of professionals that I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. You kept me informed of what was happening with my dental plan every step of the way from organizing transport to pick me up from my hotel all the way through to fitting my final crowns. I am so happy with my new crowns and everyone has complimented me on my new smile :-).

I would like to give a special thanks to Dr Winnerlyn and her assistants for taking the time to work back late to ensure that my procedure was completed on time. They made me feel so comfortable and were very caring throughout the whole procedure, I would also like to thank Dr Patricia and of course you Dr Alex for communicating with me to keep me informed of my appointments. Another thank you to your drivers for being very punctual on every pick up and drop off. I can not speak highly enough of Sacred Heart and would highly recommend your clinic to anyone that needs professional dental work done.

Kind regards Darryl Fraser Australia

Dear Dr. Alex,

I have just returned to Australia after visiting your clinic.

My experience was very positive and it was a pain free experience.

Can I ask you to pass on my thanks to Drs. Richelle and Fatima for taking good care of me. They are both competent and wonderful people!


Ben, Sydney, Australia

From: John McDermott

City, Country: Brisbane, Australia

Subject: Thank you

Message: Dr Alex,

I would like to thank you and all your team for the wonderful treatment received recently. I now have a dashing smile thanks to you and your professional team. Treatment quick and relatively painless and worth every penny. The hospitality shown by everyone was excellent, have already recommended you to friends and colleagues.

Once again a big thank you to all involved


Good evening Dr. Alex

Thank God we arrived safely to UAE.

First of all we would like to thank you for your welcoming and for your dedication and excellent dental care during our recent visit to your esteemed clinic.

You really did a wonderful job .

We would like to thank also both elegant and wonderful dentist Dr. Patritha and Dr. Fatima for their professionalism , care , kindness and excellent attitude.

Once again thank a lot and whenever you like to visit UAE please contact us in our email and our cell phones in your records .

Thanks to all your excellent team Drs and assistance .


Amna Taha & Abdul Munim Omer

Doc Alex, and all the wonderful staff,

Back in Sydney for a month now and enjoying my new set of crunchers and choppers. Been busy but 'better late than later'. I have to say that my experience with the service you have provided was worth telling everyone here in Sydney. In fact my brother will be coming over this month, I might call in again for a visit this March, my mother April and a workmate this May. I know testimonials are good, but word of mouth are best. Especially word of mouth with a good set of teeth to show for. So there you go, my job is done. Thanks everyone and hopefully see you again this March 2014.


Sydney, Australia

Hello Dr Garcia,

Initially, i would like to thank you and your team for what can only be described as a pleasant and extremely satisfying dental experience.. and i will be doing my absolute best to get anyone that needs any work done come over for it.

secondly, we spoke briefly about my brother and sister requiring braces in the not to distant future, My mother, Gillian Darby, would love the opportunity to talk to you via email and discuss the options she has for bringing them over for an Orthodontic procedure.

again many thanks for all the amazing work u did ... at a price that i still cannot justify..

Darren Halls.

Leo Maltitz

Hi Dr Garcia,

Thank you for making the whole teeth-changing exercise as painless and as comfortable as possible. It could have been a terrifying experience but you have made it much easier.

Please convey my thanks to Dr Patricia as well - I appreciate her hard work and patience. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone.

Good afternoon Dr. Alexander Garcia,

I would like to extend my gratitude to the whole team at the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic who contributed to my extensive dental work on Tuesday, 2nd of July 2013 and Friday 5th of July, 2013, especially to Dr. Patricia Garcia and Dr. A. Garcia.

The results were fantastic, and all involved were professional and friendly to speak with, attentive to my sensitive teeth, and gentle in their handling. Because of this, I have recommended your dental practice to friends and family, both locally and back home in Australia.

With many thanks,
Bayani Bacalla Mills

Eddy Roggeveen

I had some serious problems with all my teeth, from fillings breaking out, teeth snapping off and general decay. In Australia, there was no feasable way to afford having anything done to have it all sorted. The next thing I am terrified of is being in the chair....always have been since a child. I then had to make a serious decision regarding my oral health, so I planned visiting asia as I had heard of specialised dental services at reasonable rates, initially thinking of Thailand. By chance of googling dental services Phillipines I came across the Sacred Heart Dental Hospital in Manila.

I sent an email enquiry outlining my issues....I received a reply the next day from Dr Garcia. He offerred me all his services, from pickup at the airport, hotel accommodation and FULL dental work from xrays, implants, crowns and orthodontics ...the full shooting match ALL in the one building! On arrival and initial consultation, Dr Garcia comforted my fears and gave me a quotation and all work was carried out in basically 2 days, in a 5 day period. Now Im smiling! All the services are of a very high professional standard, I cannot thank Dr Garcia and his team enough as I would need a mortgage in Australia to cover it...and that would not have me smile either! I am very willing to amplify my recommendations to any query on behalf of Doctor Garcia and his U.S.trained team!

Mike O'Neil

Hi Dr Garcia, I'd just like to thank you and your team for the truly great treatment you provided during my recent trip. The fact that you were able to save the remnants of my tooth was also very pleasing.

Once again thank you all for a very positive experience and great result. I will gladly recommend you to my family and friends.


Lynette E. Adams, Ph.D.
Mongmong, Guam USA

Dr. Garcia and all the staff at the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic are very kind, helpful, and thoroughly professional. This is low cost dentistry at its finest. Make no mistake, if you are looking for a fancy office with lots of bells and whistles, this is not for you. This is get in the chair and get it done dentistry at a fraction of the cost you would pay in your home country. I had several crowns, a bridge, and other work done, all of which were practically painless. I look forward to going back for additional cosmetic dentistry later this year. I would highly recommend the SHDC for their high quality service, and I would tell anyone seeking dental treatment not to hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Garcia and make an appointment today...

Kim Gates
Darwin, Australia

Hi Dr Alex,

I am just writing to say thank you so much for my new teeth. 4 weeks on I am so happy. I really love the way my mouth looks now and I find myself smiling all the time.

I really appreciate how all of the staff at your clinic looked after me. They made sure I was comfortable and treated me well at all times and were really helpful when I asked advise about places to visit in Manila. They made the experience a very pleasant one.

Your clinic is very nice and I will be recommending it to my friends.

Is there any chance I could get a copy of the before and after photos of my teeth and I would also like a receipt for the cost of my work as I have found out I can claim this on my taxation return. Just an email from you confirming the cost would be sufficient.

Once again many thanks.

Joseph Cefai
Bundaberg Queensland Australia

Dear Dr Garcia,

I would like to thank you for all the dental treatment that you've done for me that I thought it wasn't possible.

When I discovered that I had severe gum disease,several dentist in Australia told me that implants was not an option because of severe bone loss.I sent Dr Garcia the X-ray of my teeth and he advised me that I can have my teeth extracted and bone graft and wear dentures for six months and then I was able to get implants.What a big relief that was! After doing research about bone graft I decided to go ahead and get it done.After a total mouth reconstruction I am very happy specially looking at my before and after photo.

I highly recommend to all my friends and family if they need dental treatment done they should go see Dr Garcia. One good thing about being there you meet other people from around the world going to see him and everybody I spoke to are happy with their treatment and the best thing of all no matter what treatment you have they don't let you walk out of their clinic without teeth.(they put temporary crowns until your real crowns are made.)

Thank you to all the staff.

Deborah Crisostomo

I hope this email finds you at your best. My name is Deborah Crisostomo and was a patient of Dr. Alexander Eduardo Garcia in January 2012. There is no doubt that have pleased with the dental work and service your company has provided for me. As a satisfied customer and patient, I do not hold back in highly recommending to my friends and associates Sacred Heart Dentist as the choice Dentist in the Philippines.

Gary W. Phillips

Dr Alexander,

I would thank you and your staff for your professional, high quality of service and speed of service ( no short cuts) just good old fashion hard work during my visit to your clinic in October this year.

To have one (1) implant, nineteen (19) crowns and four (4) bridges completed in a number of hours spread over less than one working week is fantastic, this allowed my wife and I to enjoy a holiday in and around Manila and districts.

I will advise my friends about your excellent service, and I shall email you from time to time to inquire how you and the beautiful staff are getting on.

Yes we survived Manila traffic.

Regards and thank you.

Mohamed Chikhaoui

Dear Dr Garcia,

First of all i would like to thank you, for changing my mind about the dentist, the team of your clinic is outstanding finding word to qualify your team is difficult they were so professional, caring honest and very friendly , you changed my life and i found confident in me now.

i compare you work like a maestro with a philharmonic orchestra, impress by the organization, professionalism, and honesty, i want to inform everyone who would like to repair their teeth to do not be worried about the quality, the price, the environment in the clinic, it's so clean, so safe .

when i had the estimation, i was so surprise by the competitive price and very surprise, i will come again to repair the others and i will not be worried about the cost.

Frankly i was afraid to feel pain, to be judge when i arrived all the staff make me relax and distressed.

God bless you and your team

Graham Seymour

dear doctor garcia

i woke up this morning and am now having a hearty breakfast pain free and happy thanks to you and your wonderful staff. when you were recommended to me my my friend vince lombardo ,i was a little bit apprehensive about traveling so far away from australia for such a big dental procedure , but i am so glad i did. you are the most professional and caring dentist i have ever encountered in my 62 years on earth. your staff, all the way from the driver who picked us up at the airport, to the wonderful nurses who cared for us were so kind and patient and so very professional in every way the clinic in australia should come to you to learn how a dentist experience should be. and your son frederick who did the majority of my crowns,and who i believe is the best dentist in the world, words can't describe the only word needed is excellence .the technicians are so very professional and i still can't believe that they were able to correct ALL my problems in such a short time with such high quality. i am writing this to you to show my deepest gratitude and respect and will recommend you and the sacred heart clinic to every person i meet without hesitation. we will see you again next year when i come back for my last crown to replace the bridge that you so expertly applied to solve the bone graft problem. kindest regards and my god bless you and your family and staff forever....

Arthur McInnes

Hi Dr Alex,

I have arrived home to Brisbane, Australia and I want to sincerely thank you so much for your excellent, professional dental work to restore my smile. My wife cried with joy when she saw me. My family are all amazed. My daughter said she has never seen me smile for so many years. My work colleagues are all amazed. They now call me “Mr Smiley”. My jaw hurts – not from the surgery, but from smiling too much. The whole trip to Manila was made very easy with your driver collecting us from the airport, arranging hotel accommodation, and taking us to your clinic. Everything was exactly as you had promised, and I am so happy I made the decision to go to your clinic. We had a chance to spend a few days exploring Manila, and I would recommend that anyone wanting to see Manila should arrange a tour through you.

I look forward to catching up with you again in one year to update you on my progress. Thank you also to Michael and your wonderful staff.

David Peterson

I had 10 crowns put in to fix my worn teeth. I had Dr S. as my dentist. She was very professional, gentle and kind. To be honest, I was surprised at the wonderful treatment that Dr S. gave. I spent 6 hours in the chair having my teeth drilled in preparation for the crowns, yet Dr Selina was so gentle that I actually dozed off a couple of times during the proceedure. I was amazed. The dental assistant Jan was also very kind and helpful.

My teeth look and feel much better now. The sensitivity in my teeth that I had before the proceedure is all gone. I can brush my teeth in cold winter water for the first time in many years.

And to top off all of this, for the first time in my life, someone I met told me yesterday that I had a "lovely smile".

If you are considering getting your teeth done at The Sacred Heart Dental Clinic, I can only suggest that you stop considering and book your plane ticket. The price is very affordable and the service you will get is likely to be superior to any you have had before. It was for me. I now consider Dr. Maria "My Dentist".

Ronnie & Mitch Kotaschuk

Hi Alexander,Thanks so much for your diligence and professional service. We were quite impressed and have started to share with family and friends about our visit.

Dr Alex,

Just to thank you and your team very much for the very professional and friendly dental procedure. Feel free to use the following testimonial for your publication purposes. To those considering traveling to Manila for dental work I can –without reservation- recommend Sacred Heart Dental Clinic lead by Dr Garcia and his team. I am from Australia and reached a point where serious dental work was required. I contacted Sacred Heart and after providing the necessary X-rays and was promptly provided with an assessment of the procedures necessary. On arrival –Transport was provided as the uninitiated don’t want to try driving in the city- a reassessment was made and I ended up having 3 extractions 3 mini dental implants 8 root canal treatments and about 27 porcelain crowns with metal inserts. All the procedures were professionally executed by Dr Alex and his team and the final result is fantastic. Cost was a big factor. In Australia I would have to take out a second mortgage to finance the same procedure, so all included it worked out at approximately 1/7th the cost of local Dentists. There is no doubt that it is a rather daunting/stressful decision to make but I have no regrets and I am sure that you will be really pleasantly surprised at the results. To Dr Garcia and his team a very heartfelt thanks, much appreciated.

Roy Servant

G'day Dr. Alex

I'll be over the Philly's late July and was wondering if I could come in one morning for a check up. All my work I have had done there is great with no problems whatsoever. I thought whilst I am in town (HaHa) I would call in, say Hi to you and all the Staff and especially Dr. Richelle.... All the guys from Woodford Correctional Centre have said to say Hi, Howie.. Alan Preston, Rick Horsborough, Chris Hubble etc etc tc etc Click Me! I have had a few people here in Australia contact me personally viaTelephone after reading what I put on your Testimonial page... Amazing how they tracked me down... I gave you a glowing reference Dr Alex... especially Dr. Richelle. Hope this finds you and all the Team in good health... See you soon. BoB Stevenson ( Happy BoB)Australia.

The Philippines has bad weather and a poor economy and there is so much corruption, inefficiently and incompetence it is unlikely to ever get better. The exception to the rule is Dr Alex and his team at the Sacred Heart Clinic who can only be considered on the better side of good on a world class rating!

A car met us at the airport and it was exactly where it should have been; when it should be there and it took us to the hotel.

The next day a small amount of preliminary work was done; then two days of nothing. (they don't appear to do much work at weekends.) On Monday it was a full day in the dentist’s chair, but they were very careful, gentle and generous with the anesthetic and although it was a long day as I had a lot of work done, but it didn't hurt at all.

A modern clinic with world class equipment; even better than I have ever seen in any Australian clinic and a very professional team; some of whom are Dr Alex's family.

A temporary dental fitting was made and fitted at the end of the day and even that was better than teeth that I had before; which resembled a Roman Ruin. Nothing happened Tuesday or Wednesday but on Thursday my new implants were fitted.

Fantastic looking teeth!!!!

Some of the work quoted for was found to be unnecessary but before I had time to chase them for a price reduction they had already recalculated the bill and given the discount. They also give a 5% discount for cash.

About a week later I had a toothache (I was warned that this may happen) and as I was still in the Philippines I went back. I wanted a root canal done as it would be cheaper there than in Australia; Dr Alex’s team x-rayed the tooth in two different ways and announced that it will come good and It did! They could have so easily done the root canal and charged me for it.

I went to Dr Alex's clinic on recommendation of a number of co-workers. All of his clients appear to be Australian, his quality control is excellent and everything is double checked. Full marks to Dr Alex and his team

I would highly recommend this facility for anyone who wants dental work or implants done. This is a genuine testimony, I live near Brisbane and if you need more information you can email me on ""

Steve Palgrave

Hello Dr Garcia and everybody at Sacred Heart,

Just a quick email to let you all know I'm back at work in Australia with my mouthful of new teeth. I don't know where to start to thank you all especially you Dr Garcia or maybe I should call you Yoda because you are truly a master!! People I know here are amazed and are already asking me about your clinic. Look, I had a person tell me the other day that I had sexy teeth which really amused me as I've never heard that said to anyone before. I did get a little head swell tho! My friend has a sister-in-law who owns a well known up-market surgery here in the Brisbane CBD (you know, the sort of dentist that most people can't afford) well to cut the story short, she nearly fell over when she seen my teeth. She actually wants to x-ray my mouth to see just how good the work is but I think I've had enough of dentist surgeries for awhile, well at least until I get back to the Philippines!

I was absolutely astounded at how quick you were able to achieve so much work in such a short time with perfect results and might I ad, with zero pain! For me, trying to keep my mouth open all day was about as uncomfortable as it got. My teeth are fantastic, as a matter of fact, they call me Hollywood at work now! I have to give credit to your crew there as well. From the moment Cepriano met me at the airport to when he finally dropped me off at my hotel in Makati after the treatment, everything went like clockwork. Your staff there are just the best and I think people here, dentists and the like that is, can be very judgmental when it comes to the state you have let your teeth get to but over there, I didn't get that feeling. I just got the feeling when I was sitting in that chair that you guys had seen it all before and there was another perfect smile on the way!

Anyhow doc, I cannot thank you all enough for this super smile. I hope to see you again come early April for that final tooth and to enjoy the hospitality of your beautiful country once again. I love the place and can't wait to get back as soon as I can. The shopping in Makati is second to none in the world and the Filipino people are the most gracious and polite people I have ever met!

Thanks forever guys!
Cheers, Steve Palgrave

Tony Marshall
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

G’day Dr. Alex, Dr. Winn, and Everyone at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the dental program that you planned for me and then implemented after my arrival at your surgery.

The results are spectacular and I have not been able to stop smiling since you completed the program on September 10, 2012. You have restored not only my teeth, but my confidence and self esteem. Please pass on my thanks and affection to all of your staff who performed a miracle by making me feel relaxed and at ease while undergoing the substantial dental procedures that made up my treatment program, especially Dr. Winn who worked tirelessly to prepare my teeth for the crowns that I now expose with a smile at every opportunity.

Also please pass on my regards to Patrick, who provided a great commentary on all of the sites that we visited on the Tour of Manila.

Sandra Pearson

Dr Garcia,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the professionalism you all extended to me in completing the dental work I needed.

My teeth were a mess when I arrived I needed implants, crowns and extractions. Although I spent a long time in the dental chair on the second day I did not notice Dr. Garcia extracting my teeth and the injections were painless; and for someone who has a morbid fear of dentists the work was achieved by the very professional staff with ease.

I would highly recommend Dr. Garcia and his staff to anyone looking for a cheaper but professional solution to dental work abroad. I would definitely recommend his services to my friends. I was also impressed with the way I was met at the airport; taken to my hotel and picked up every day for my appointments. The whole venture was both efficient and cost effective.

Once again my sincere thanks to you not only for my smile; but for the dedicated professionalism by you and your staff.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Godinez

Hi DR Garcia and staff

I would like to thank you all for making me feel at home with you all I am very happy with the results and will recommend you to anybody also thanks to Arnold for helping me in my personal chase to all the terminals until we got the right one it was worth it many thanks once again yours sincerely

Peter Godinez

Rhodora Mosher

Just writing to provide an excellent feedback about my own experience with your dental clinic.Specially to you Dr.Alex Garcia you did a very good job with my implants/bridge and I wish to extend my heart felt thanks to yourself and of course your staff,I was so astounded by the result .its amazing and got my pretty smile back.I would have no hesitation recommending your dental clinic to anyone who needs some work on their smile.Thanks to everybody at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic... God Bless to each one of you!!! Work done in just less than 5 days 3rd October to 7th October 2011.

Glen Jones
Melbourne, Australia

Firstly I would like to thank the team at sacred heard dental clinic for all thier assistance in my life changing experience. I have had the problem of not been able to smile because of my horrid smile due to the gaps that I had on my top row of teeth... But now with the problem is that I smile too much.. It was the best choice I have ever made in my life and I do thank all the staff for making it possible, Dr. Garcia gave me the look that I needed to be confident and happy on the budget I had, Dr. Alex organised all airport pick ups, Accommodation the lot.. Big thanks to the team again!!

Jimmy Watkins

Dr. Garcia,

I just want thank you and your staff. Both you and your staff where very professional. My experience with your office was very positive. I am very happy with my new smile. Dr. S. was most excellent. Her work exceeded my expectations. She was very sensitive to my needs. I will definately refer your office to my friends. Thanks again for a job well done.

Slava Muhin
Auckland, New Zealand

Just writing to provide some feedback on my experience with your dental clinic. Your doctors did a very good job and I am very happy with the work done. I think the ladies that did the work on my teeth should get a bonus; I was given very good care by them. Would recommend your clinic to others.

Michael Bishop
Gold Coast QLD Australia

I want to thank Dr Garcia and his staff of very professional dentists and assistants that transformed my teeth from a mouthful of worn out and broken teeth to the Hollywood smile that I have now and for also helping me with all the incidentals like accommodation to transport. Being in Australia and not ever being the Philippines before , it took a lot of stress out of the equation. I would recommend Dr Garcia to anybody that is looking for stress free very good dental work. Thanks again.

George Miller

To whom it may concern..

Myself and my Partner recently went to Manila to have dental work done at the 'Sacred Heart Dental Clinic' by Dr. Garcia and his great team.. 'Sacred heart' was recommended to us by a friend who had been there and had major work carried out and he was totally happy with the result as are we..We cannot thank all of the staff enough for their skill and the courtesy that was shown to us while we were there..We have no hesitation in recommending 'Sacred Heart Dental Clinic' to all our friends...George and Pauline..

Jenny Neethling

I had been having problems with my bridge for about one year when I went to see our local dentist. The diagnosis was that I had an abcess under my bridge on one of my front teeth. He said that he would have to remove my bridge to do a root canal on the tooth and that the bridge could not be placed back, I would need a totally new bridge in its place. I asked for a price and he made some calculations and told me that it would cost me around $18000.00 for the work that has to be done. I thought about it for months and decided that THIS WAS A DEPOSIT ON A HOUSE! My husband suggested I get dentures but I have always hated the idea of that. As a last resort I went on to the internet and googled dentures. This is where I found a letter from a person that had the same problem and they suggested Dr Garcia and his Team. I thought about it for two days and booked my flights for the following week. I must say that I was very happy with his work and his staff as well as the hotel that he uses. It a very different but pleasant experience to have been in the Philippines. I thank Dr Garcia for that. It has been 7 months since my bridge was replaced at around a Quarter of the cost locally but that includes my flights from New Zealand and back. Dr Garcia did even more than the local Dentist was going to do and still I could not believe my account balance. Needless to say I had some spending money left.

I am very pleased to say that I would recomnend Dr Garcia and His Team to anyone.

Thank You again Dr Garcia

Rus Martin

Dr. Garcia, I wanted to tell you thanks for all the kind treatment I received from your clinic. Your clinic is better than many clinics found in the USA. It is very clean, the staff is very caring and considerate of the patient. Your staff does not judge the patient which makes them more relaxed and willing to see the dentist. Your treatment was great and timely and I appreciate everything you clinic accomplished. Thanks.

George Miller and Pauline Williams

Hello Dr. Alex and team.. I hope this finds you all well and looking forward to Xmas..

Pauline and I are both well and extremely happy with the results of our last visit with you, and we have recommended your services to our very good friends, Bob and Debbie Rafter who live alongside us here in Hervey Bay, Queensland..

Once again, thanks to everyone at the clinic and we look forward to hearing from you soon..Cheers and Merry Xmas to all

Roger Malouf
Sydney, Australia

Hello Dr. Alex,

I cannot express enough how happy I am with the procedure you performed for me in early September . It has been just over a month now and I have had no problems at all just the absolute delight of seeing my new smile and the joy of receiving so many comments on the brightness and "freshness" in appearance of my teeth . I did mention at the time of completion at how pleasant and helpful all your staff were at the clinic and I would like to mention again that I have nothing but praise for the wonderful care and service that they all provided me . I also did mention that I needed to upgrade my room at the Koobayan Hotel because of the restricted space of the single room but my upgrade was excellent and the savings for me on accommodation during those 6 days was a great bonus and help to me and my limited budget . I forget your drivers name but ..... he was both competent and punctual and a joy to have greet me each morning . A special "hello" to him .

Could you please e-mail an attachment to me of my before and after photo shots and also please feel free to use them if you wish to display them in any of your features . Also you have my permission to pass to anyone who requests my e-mail address or phone number if they would like to discuss further or ask me for a confirmation of this testimonial .....I would be more than happy to share my wonderful experience with them and also encourage them to take advantage of the huge $ savings .

I use almost on a daily basis the lovely gift that you presented me on the completion of my procedure . It was a complete surprise and a very kind gesture.

Pass my best wishes and kind regards please to all your wonderful staff .

Glenn and Sharron Sales

Dr Garcia,

Back home in Australia now and I am very pleased with the work that you have done. I have told my sister about treatment and have mentioned the before AND after pictures that were taken of me,Would it be possible to E-Mail the pictures of before and after so I would be able to send to her. I would also like to send you a testimonial E-Mail as I my wife is also very pleased with the work.

Brian Hatley (Jimbo)

Dear Dr Garcia

I write this email in behalf of myself and Desmond Smith.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for the work that was done to both of us on our recent visit to you We cannot put into words how thrilled we both are with the final result.We would also like for you to pass on our most grateful thanks to all your staff for the way we were treated and the professional way that they performed their duties.The friendliness shown made it so easy to relax and really made us feel welcome.Our visit to you and the work that has been done has drawn many favourable comments from friends that we have seen since our return to Australia,and I will have no hesitation in recommending your clinic to them.I Hope one day we will return to Manila for a holiday and will most certainly like to call around to see you as we both now like to call you our friends.

My lady friend also wants work done so we will organise a panoramic Xray and send it to you .But we can discuss that later.

Once again thank you so very very much.

Hello Doc Garcia, i cannot tell you how happy i am with what you have done with my teeth, i have given my daughter, who works for a travel agent called 'The Flightcentre' yr cards, trust me, she will be promoting you as often as possible.. N i fully intend to hop onto your page and give you a huge wrap and tell the world just how amazing you and ALL your staff are, honestly, professionalism doesnt even come close, you are the best and easiest person to deal with.. And again, many, many thanks, you have changed my life :o)

Dear Dr.Garcia, Your Family Specialists and excellent Staff,

I am home in Surfers Paradise, and delighted with my 12 implants and 3 root canals. I am impressed with your state of the art equipment and your hygienic surgery, not to mention your caring nurses, specialist dentists and oral surgeons. Your drivers were always on time to pick me up from the airport and my hotel, and on call for my little dramas. My whole experience was pain free, and your advice about my bone density was spot on with my results being perfect. I will be glad to personally recommend your services to anyone.

Kindest Regards
Vaux-Charles Larsen

Bob Bury

Hello Dr Alex & all Staff, I wish to THANK YOU ALL for your fine service and care with my Dental procedures performed this week, very happy all is fixed. Will keep in touch.

Bless you,
Bob Bury

Mr. Nathan Gould
Western Australia

To Dr. Alex and all the staff at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic,

I have finally managed to make a quick summary of my experience:

During July, 2013, I traveled from Australia to Manila, Philippines, for dental work at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic. A friend had done the same earlier in the year and based on their experience, along with internet research, I contacted the clinic. The communication via email was prompt and helpful and I booked an appointment for the initial assessment.

The flight to the Philippines took 9 hours from Perth, with a one hour stop at Darwin. Manila is a vast metropolis and quite the experience. If you haven’t been to Manila or similar before, it may be a daunting, high density, city experience.

The accommodation they can organise for you is at the best hotel nearby the clinic and transport to and from your appointments can be provided which is the way to go. If you wanted you could always stay further away at a preferred hotel and commute to and from your appointments by taxi or hotel transportation. I did all of the above on different days and they all worked out.

After a day off in Manila I made my way to the Sacred Heart clinic. I would suggest spending the night before your initial appointment at the hotel they can provide for you since it is close-by, which takes away the potential difficulty of finding the clinic.

Arriving in the clinic is a breath of fresh air. It is clean, secure and comfortable with kind and helpful staff ready to help you. The assessment and following appointments are as you would expect from a high-quality dentist. Sitting in a chair for hours and the experience of various dental procedures is not my or most peoples idea of fun but it helps when the work is done with care. All the procedures I had were done gently and efficiently. The procedures I needed where fairly straight-forward including fillings, root canals and crowns. All their facilities are world-class and everyone who works there is caring and professional.

I was able to discuss the various procedures I needed and my budget – the staff bent over backwards to help me get the most out of what they could offer. I really felt that in the treatments I received everyone went above and beyond what already represented amazing value for money.

If you need serious dental work, have a bit of a sense of adventure and can make the trip there, based on my experience I would highly recommend Sacred Heart Dental Clinic in Manila Philippines.

Thank you all again and see you soon.

Andreas Lageder

Hi to Dr Alexander Garcia and his team,

It is now three years, that I was there for my dental Implants. (9 mini-Implants) and full mouth crowns. I want to express my best thanks to all of yours, for that painless, relaxing and professional surgery. It was a pleasure to get treated in your Clinic, with all the services you have included, from Airport, Hotel and back to Airport, in one week only. It was one of my best decision I have made, in life, no longer problem with teeth. Now age 66, I am married to a wonderful 38 year old Filipina from Cebu, living in New Zealand (thanks to your visit back in August 2010, I learned about Philippines and their people.) I can smile with beautiful teeth and chewing on both sites. Many people ask me, where I got such beautiful teeth from, it was a good investment and I am sure for many years to come. If someone has concerns with his teeth, or is undecided where to fix them, recommend them to me,.. I can give a honest reference and recommendation, go to Dr Alexander Garcia at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic in Caloocan-Manila.

Yours sincerely
Andreas Lageder


Hi Dr Alex, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my new teeth. What a difference my smile is! Your dedicated team are a credit to your practice. Dr Richelle and the girls are so professional and caring. I was quite nervous about the procedure but they were able to put my mind at ease. And I was so impressed that I felt no pain! A visit to the dentist was never my favourite outing but you and the team managed to make it easy. Thank you. I will have no hesitation in recommending your practice.

Kind regards,

Vaux-Charles Larsen

Peita Orlowksi
Brisbane, Australia

Hello Dr Alexander, and the lovely staff at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic,

Firstly I would like to say thanks very much for the work done on my teeth. They look fabulous and the treatment was speedy, hassle free and professional at all times. Everybody was really friendly and helpful. I can not say thank you enough!

Secondly, I highly recommend your services to anyone needing dental work and in fact, have kept your details in my purse to give to those who I come in contact with.

At your clinic I had a bridge replaced, 4 crowns, 5 amalgam fillings replaced, 2 teeth that needed 4 root canals, whitening, consultations and Xrays etc. All for for the cost of what a root canal would have cost me in Australia. Over the years I have had extensive dental work done in Australia and the only differences that I can see between the two are I had it all done in three visits to your clinic and I could not have been able to afford this treatment in Australia.

If I need further treatment in the future I will be returning for sure. My husband Frank who accompanied me, but only required minor work has also stated he would also return.

Thanks again,


I am very happy with the result of the procedure and my friends and colleagues compliment me tremendously. Actually two of my friends will call and visit you when they visit the Philippines this year, 2013.

Regards to all your wonderful staff over there in the clinic and Mr. Benzali.

Ron Rosenberger

Greetings to everyone at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

I finally make the time to write to you. I thank everyone for making my visit to your clinic as perfect as can be. Actually I came to Manila thinking of repairing 12 teeth with crowns/implants. However after consulting with Dr. Alex and your team I decided to have all of my teeth repaired. It was quite an experience and I thank Dr Winnerlyn for making the experience great, working towards perfection every step of the way. Now not only do I have a perfect bite but a perfect smile as well.

Thank you! Everyone who sees my new smile all have positive comments on your work. I am attaching a few pictures for your memories. Now my wife is jealous and you may be seeing her in the coming year:)

Robert Hamilton

Good morning Dr. Garcia

I wanted to send you a quick thank you for all the good work and professionalism that you and your staff gave me while I was at your office in Manila. I would like to thank Dr Patricia and her associate for their personal care of myself and my teeth while getting two crowns. The care and personalized service was as good if not better than any dental practice I have been to around the world and I would say that although going to the dentist office is not on the list of my favorite things to do, I was treated top rate.

So to you and your staff, I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to everyone involved in my first experience in your fine dentistry and I look forward to my next visit.

Thank you again

United States

DRs. Alex and Fred

Sorry for the delay in writing but I have been travelling and am now in India on my way to Singapore.

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for a GREAT job on my "new teeth". I must say they look and feel great and I have received numerous compliments from my friends and workplace associates alike...even a couple of dentists in Virginia and one in New York.

Most importantly, you did EVERYTHING (and more) that you said you would do for the agreed time frame and money. I understand that many of your clients come from Australia, but anyone that is reading this from the United States, I strongly urge you to get on a plane and come to Sacred Heart Clinic. If in our winter, combine a few days in Boracay and take advantage of one of the world's best beaches.

Most sincerely and thanks,

Lynette E. Adams, Ph.D.
Mongmong, Guam USA

Dr. Garcia and all the staff at the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic are very kind, helpful, and thoroughly professional. This is low cost dentistry at its finest. Make no mistake, if you are looking for a fancy office with lots of bells and whistles, this is not for you. This is get in the chair and get it done dentistry at a fraction of the cost you would pay in your home country. I had several crowns, a bridge, and other work done, all of which were practically painless. I look forward to going back for additional cosmetic dentistry later this year. I would highly recommend the SHDC for their high quality service, and I would tell anyone seeking dental treatment not to hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Garcia and make an appointment today.

Chris Williams
Canberra City

Dear Dr Alex, and your team
Thank you for giving me a smile and restoring my confidence.
I chose the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic based on some positive reviews of former patients I found on the internet.
I was really travelling to the Philippines to meet Rosafe, the woman who accompanied me to your surgery. So, getting some dental work done was second order, but well worth it.
As I mentioned to you while there, the skills of your junior dentists and assistants are first class. I was treated with respect and care and the finished teeth are perfect.
I attach a recent photo and recommend you most highly to any person who needs a quality dental makeover.
I will definitely be coming back for further work when I return to the beautiful Philippines.
Pass on my particular thanks to the skilled, young woman (whose name I cannot remember) who performed most of the work.
Kind regards Chris

BoB & Robyn Stevenson
D'Aguilar Qld. Aust.

Hello Dr Alex and "Team"
Robyn and I have now returned back to Australia, and we would like to take this opportunity to express my our sincere Thank-You to you and your Team for the professionalism and dedication that you all administered in the treatment for our Dental needs. We could not be any more grateful for the work that was carried out. To have you arrange everything from airport pick-up to accomodation to transport to and from appointments , simply took the stress of visiting another country for this type of treatment. Again, we were humbled by your Staff's friendliness and will recommend your services to our family and friends. Again... Thank You

Bob Bury

Dear Dr.Alex , [staff] thanks very much for your efforts in my recent treatment..Don't take this the wrong way but I hope to only see you again over drinks....Cheers Bob Bury,never had so many teeth...still getting used to 'em,my tongue thinks it is in a pinball machine.......

Rhondda Arias

Dear Dr Alex :
I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received. I am extremely pleased with my new teeth, they look amazing.

Alan Draper
New South Wales, Australia

Dear Doctor Garcia

Just a short note to say thank you to you and your staff for your professional caring service you did on my teeth last week my friends and family are so impressed with the work you did ,Implants ,crowns and reconstruction all done with absolute minimum discomfort. I have been putting up with bad teeth for years and now i am so happy I feel like a new person.I have been recommending your clinic to all my friends feel free to pass my email address onto anyone who requires a reference for your outstanding value for money service. my family and I now refer to you as our family Dentist Once again many thanks to you and your staff you are a blessing to all your patients.

Best Regards

Mick Maloney

Dear Dr Garcia, I wish to extend my heart-felt thanks to yourself and your staff, particularly Dr Seline for my brand new smile. I believe I was scheduled for an appointment last Thursday May 18 at your clinic for a final check, but I had troubles connecting flights back to Australia and I was unable to contact your office in my rush. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. However, I have found my bite to be perfect and am so pleased with the result. I have no hesitation in recommending your practice to my friends here. Your services have been excellent! If you would like a written testimonial please do not hesitate to ask. I shall return later this year for some veneer work.

I shall remain a very happy patient.

Michael Howard
Sydney, Australia

Good Morning Dr. Alexander Garcia, Dr Maria & Team,

Firstly can I say I was astounded by the absolute professionalism of your full dental team. All the way from your drivers to radiologists they are one in a million and they should be very proud of the work they carry out on a daily basis. The work I had done looks amazing and I will be back soon to complete the rest. I would have no hesitation in recommending your dental services to anyone who asks. The cost was very low considering what I had done and the work is exactly as I would have received in Australia but would have taken me 4 to 6 weeks to have completed in which took your team just 5 days. I hope that you and your team stay safe and I will see you all very soon.

A very happy patient,

Kevin Keanelly

I visited Sacred Heart Dental Clinic in April 2010, after being referred by a friend.

I found all of the staff from Arnold the driver right up to Dr Eduardo very accommodating and very professional.

The work done on my teeth was quite extensive which included an extraction , root canals , two bridges, one cantilevered bridge and crowns, in effect replacing all teeth with crowns in the upper jaw. Dr Eduardo discussed the treatment, outlining the best way to proceed taking into account budget restraints, types of materials used and alternatives, the fact that I was an overseas patient, length of the procedures and post care/treatment of the finished product.

I am very happy with the outcome and have a dazzling smile that every one notices.

I have e-mailed the Dr with some minor concerns and the post treatment support has been fantastic.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Sacred Heart Clinic, Dr Eduardo and his team to any one who is considering future dental treatment and in fact have given his details to no less than six of my friends so far.

Thanks again Dr.
Kevin K.

Warren Barnes

Thank you for the great job on my teeth, I will always highly recommend you to my Australian friends, just hope your beautiful young dentist Maria can work on me next time, hehehehe thank you again famous Dr Garcia.

Alex Kleyman

When I decided it's time to fix my teeth realised that Sydney is extremely expensive place. So I 've looked to go some where else. I came a cross Sacred Heart Dental Clinic website. Presentation was grate and prices where very reasonable. I wasn't sure if it's good idea go all the way to Manila to visit dentist, but i did any way. It was best decision. I had week in Manila. In three visits all finished. Dr.Garcia, and the team were looking after me and did excellent job. I'm very pleased with result and now I have teeth like a movie star!!

Thanks a lot

Evan Tan

Hi doc,
I love my new implant! It feels like I grew myself a new tooth. Thanks a lot to you and your team. The travel time was well worth it.

Jane Keighley

Hi Dr Alex

Hope you're well.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the fantastic job they did on both mine and my father's teeth. I could not be happier. I've had so many compliments on how terrific they look as well as how natural they look. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, and have actually passed on your details to some friends already.

Thanks once again. I am sooooooooooooo happy. I'd love to see the before's and after's of both out teeth so if you could email to this address that would be terrific.

Jane :)

The testimonials here are posted verbatim.