Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is now GCR Internationally Accredited & verified Clinic. We Are One Of The Top Five Dental Clinics in The Philippines!

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic classified as Top 10 Dental Clinic in the PhilippinesThe GCR - Global Clinic Rating, the leading provider of healthcare clinic ratings worldwide, aggregated and analyzed dental clinics throughout the Philippines during 2014 & 2015 including clinics in Makati, Paranaque, Malolos, Caloocan, Cubai, Legaspi and Angeles City..

A total of 1256 dental clinics with at least 5 public reviews online were included in the study.

Global Clinic Rating:GCR

Manila Dental Tourism

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is one of the best Manila dental clinic that specializes in dental tourism.

We can tailor your dental tourism treatment package to your budget, offer vacation guides, and arrange travel and accommodation, if required.

Our clinic hours are flexible to match the requirements of dental tourists and we will provide appointments by request.

We provide a full range of very affordable cosmetic and general dental services such as: Porcelain crowns, Veneers, Removable dentures, Dental Surgery, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Braces, Implants at a very affordable price.

Our Commitment

Our Manila dentists are qualified and are trained in Western standards. Our dentists have varied areas of specializations. We have an implant dentist, a porcelain crown dentist, and a root canal dentist that can attend to your dental care needs.

A prominent issue in today's health care is the control and the spread of infectious disease such as AIDS, hepatitis, herpes even the common cold. We share your concern about this important issue.

Because your total health and safety is our first priority, this office takes infection control very seriously. This is why we have adopted the very latest prevention techniques as recommended by the Philippine Dental Association.

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You may reach us through telephone:

Philippines: +632 3305750

Australia: +612 8005 6427

United States: +16316850045

You can also call direct Dr. Alexander Garcia through the following mobile phone numbers:

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Our Mission

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic Dentist

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic started in 1987 and founded by Dr. Alexander Eduardo R. Garcia and Dr. Ma. Cristina Aurea G. Garcia. After more than 30 years of Dental Practice we are now the leading companies of Dental Tourism in the Philippines.

Our mission is for you to experience World Class Dental Services in the heart of the beautiful historic Philippines allowing you to combine a perfect vacation. For your convenience we will take care of everything , to hotel accommodation to airport transportation. We can even arrange a Manila Dy Tour for you and learn how to smile again and experience what is life about.

Here are at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic you will be taken care of highly skilled team that are qualified and trained with Western Standard. We will provide you the best treatment with our dentist who specialise in different field such as Surgery, Implantology, Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is devoted in providing Excellent Dental Services to the lates practice Technology using State of the Art Facilities.

We give expert advice in all of your dental related problems and provide high quality nd affordable dental care that is specially planned according to your dental needs.

Learn How To Smile Again!

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Featured Testimonial

Dental Solution: "A Life Changing Event"

I grew up with bugs bunny teeth, as in my two main front teeth protruded grossly, and as such everyone used to call me bugs {as in bugs bunny, the rabbit} grew up with no self esteem, no confidence as everyone called me \'bugs\', made me want to run and hide.. Had metal braces, and didnt look after my teeth when i had them..Grew up with a huge inferior complex, and as such turned into a heroin addict, which i remained for approx 12 years, this in turn drained the calcium from my teeth, and where the metal braces had been around my teeth as a child, my teeth decayed, actual rotted, teeth used to break off.. Whilst in drug rehab {in 1982} went to the dental hospital whereby they took out heaps of my teeth and gave me a partial plate..

Over the years my remaining teeth went from bad to worse, I had a HUGE phobia of the dentist, HUGE.. A few years ago, a few of my teeth were so bad they had to be removed, i had to have a general anaesthetic for this, total cost in Melb, Australia, $3,000.00, which then left me with one tooth, far back ion the lower right hand side of my jaw.. My partial plate was beginning to fall apart, i was too terrified to go back to the dentist, checked prices in Australia for implants, was advised $50,000.00, this was without removing my existing teeth.. I had been researching online looking for an o\'seas dentist, that could help me.. My daughter works for Flightcentre, one day a man walked into the office, daughter could not stop looking at his teeth, he had been to Manila to Dr Garcia... Hallelujah !!!! i emailed Dr Garcia, emailed a dental xray through, went there October 30/2013.. I was so terrified of the dentist, i had to get some Valium to just be able to walk into the surgery, was worried i would get there, and freak out, and not be able to go through with it, BUT, Dr Garcia and all of his staff are absolutely AMAZING.. Day 1, i spent a long time in the chair but it seemed only 2 hours, they rubbed some stuff on my gums, told me to raise my hand if i felt any pain, for a tiny second {well into it} i felt a tiny bit of pain, nothing really, but being the sook i am/was raised my hand, work stopped, pain sorted, work continued.. The whole thing took 2 days, day one was to sort the existing teeth and implants, i left there looking amazing, they kept taking impressions throughout the day they worked on my teeth, when nasty teeth sorted, i left there with temporary teeth, looked AMAZING..

Returned a week later, was there a short time, whilst porcelain veneers and rest of work completed.. Walked out a brand new woman.. What he originally quoted me from the dental xray sent fr Melbourne, ended up being cheaper, heaps cheaper, he did not have to tell me this, but he did :o) HONESTLY DR GARCIA AND STAFF, I am humbled, you have changed my life, I have wanted this my whole life, when i smile now, i don\'t do it behind my hand, when I look in the mirror, I don\'t cringe, i am so happy i could burst, this has seriosly been a life changing event in my life.. And i am a 56 year old woman.. {and you can put my before and after photos online if you wish, i want the world to see what you have done for me

" Before I sign of there was trust from the start with Alex"

Gerard Zaini - Australia

Hi Alex, ive had my bridges & implants for must be a couple of years now & they have improved in leaps & bounds from day dot to now amazing.. admittedly i had all types of what ifs about the finished teeth you name it weather my body would reject my implants wether the teeth would be strong enough the list goes on & on, well they are strong enough i found this out by my mates daughter when in the pool through a rock out the size of my thumb which let of a big crack which i then grabbed my mouth & rebuked the kid, well it was like a miracle because that was 8 months ago now & not a problem i had a fear that it might have cracked internally but no not a single problem with my teeth...i love there look there hygiene & the basic all over confidence they give me..this is one of the best decisions of my life..Also i will add, it meant a lot to me that they had been schooled & certified in australia in there profession because i know how thorough our system is ... Before i sign of there was trust from the start with Alex, & the procedure in getting teeth done from the pick up at the air port to the accommodation with breakfast the ride to & from clinic & the drop of back at the air port on the fifth day as was planed all i had to do was work out the plane ticket which was simple..He did all he said & more as well as his polite staff & there attention to detail & perfection & all was done By careful injections in mouth & them gums they were so careful with all & i carnt say enough accept go do it yourself you will write a testimony like myself in respect for these good people.. ...And the reason i took so long to write other than being so busy with my life is because i waited to see if teeth could with stand the test of time, & so far not a single problem & im sure in ten years i will update this testimony with more good just do it yourself the biggest treat you wont look back....& alex i will send up to date pics when i get time. God Bless you all!! .

Alex me again, i forgot to put my ph number for my testimony, if anyone would like to speak in person.. its 0418877089.. thanks good man.

"The expertise, technology and Service is Unsurpassed"

Yvonne Marsh - Australia

Just want to write to say how wonderful Dr Fatima was with her beautiful manner, compassion and caring whilst I was undergoing total dental restoration treatment at the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic. It was such a major for myself - and my two friends - to come from the other side of the world, to an unknown country and to have our entire mouths sorted out and to change not only our looks but our lives! We were all very nervous but the staff put us all at ease within minutes of our arrival. The expertise, technology and service is unsurpassed and I would totally recommend this dental trip to anyone wanting a great price and a great smile! Thank you ever so much to Dr Fatima and the friendly staff - you are all amazing.

"Professional Dental Work done in 5 days"

Max Aleckson - Australia

"6 of my friends and myself, have attended Dr. Garcia's clinic over the last 6-7 years, All have had very professional work done in 5 days with no ongoing dental work required after arriving home. I can really recommend this dental clinic , for price, hygienic dentistry and very helpful caring staff, well worth the expense of the airfares. Max Aleckson, goldcoast Queensland,, Australia"

"The swiftness of your work and the outstanding Job all have done at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic was Fantastic"

Chris Rawley - Australia

I want to thank you with giving myself my smile which I have not had for many years, to all the staff that helped me in Manila your professionalism and care with which you gave myself is one of the reasons I am recommending you to many people in here in Melbourne Australia, the swiftness of your work and the outstanding Job all have done at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic was fantastic. From stepping off the Aircraft and picking myself and my wife up to taking me back and forth from the clinic was all done with precision and care, something which was a surprise to myself as I have been to the Philippines many times and precision is not a word I would use in the Philippines as most things take time in Manila.

Once again Thank you for a job well done and look forward to seeing you all in the future when I come back to Manila.

Chris Rawley - Australia"

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